I’m gonna use my first post to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Stephanie and I love food. As you can see, I am a big, black woman who is jolly most of the time. (That is one stereotype I dont mind representing. Seriously, who doesn’t want to represent team jolly all the time?) A dear friend of mine said to me, “You should be a food critic and start a blog telling people where to eat and what to eat. They will listen.” So, me, being a Forrest Gump feather in the wind, I said, “OK!” I love to travel and learn about different cultures. Not only learn, but EXPERIENCE different cultures as well. One way I like to EXPERIENCE cultures is through the food; how they prepare it, and how they consume it. This blog is going to be a platform for people to come and learn about restaurants and the foods they make, and hopefully you will find the courage to try my recommendations.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering who is that awesome dog with the beautiful smile at the top of my main page. Her name is Beauty, my partner in crime. She will be popping up here and there. That’s what she does best when food is in involved.😁<<

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