Many food critics like to go to upscale restaurants and places that promises a “new trendy dish”. I like places like that too, but I can also appreciate the “normal” food places as well. The commercial fast food places have a lot of gems on their menu. I’m gonna be covering some of these places from time to time. You know, I have to give props where props is due. So, this leads me to my first critique.

First of all, You can’t talk about fast food joints without bringing up MickeyD’s. They have some of the best damn fries in the world(when they are made correctly, of course)! I swear they sprinkle crack on them or something, because I have broken many diets to eat those fries. But, one menu item that I want to give props to is the most simplest thing on the menu…..the cheeseburger. Yeah, the cheeseburger you can get in the Happy Meal. That little ass burger is the bomb! It is the epitome of simplicity. A beef patty with onions, two pickles, cheese, mustard and ketchup all in between a burger bun.

Now, the bun, has a distinct sweetness to it that brings out the sweetness and tanginess of the ketchup. It’s soft and warm and all you can ask for in a burger bun. The patty is just the right size with the right amount of meat to put this whole cheeseburger together in a tasty, harmonious delight. If you get a double cheeseburger with the same ingredients, it doesn’t taste right. The other patty throws off the balance. If you want that other patty, just buy two cheeseburgers. The combo number is 2 if you didn’t know. It’s more carbs because your eating four pieces of bread instead of two, but when I’m at McDonald’s drive thru, I already made the decision to go off my so-called, low carb diet. So, I don’t care what grams of carbs I’m eating at the moment. (Lol! That may be my problem, but anyhoo.) Add some fries to that mix, and it creates a party in the tastebuds like no other. Damn!

Oh yeah, aside from it being a tasty delight, it is nice on the wallet as well.

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