Johnny is the King of Noodles

Hey guys! Hope the holidays aren’t to hectic for you. Just remember, holidays is for spending time with each other, not going broke.

If you find yourself in the metro Detroit area during the holiday or you live out that way, it is many things to do that won’t break your wallet.

One way to not go broke during the holidays and enjoy quality time with family and friends is to dine out at Johnny Noodle King on Fort Street in Detroit, MI. Johnny (whoever he is) is definitely the king of noodles in Detroit. A friend saw an article about them and shared it with me. (I will share the link to the article below)

First experience of this place was awesome! I wasn’t to excited about the location of the place. It looks like a industrial park cemetery. Since Detroit is building back up again, with some imagination, I can see how the location will look after the area is revamped.

Inside the quaint restaurant, the vibe was really cool and chill. Many hipsters were enjoying lunch and the joint was buzzing. We found an empty table and a chick with tattoos and piercings all over came and introduced herself. I thought it was great that the employees were not the typical types. You know, conservative, no tattoos showing with the typical hair colors. No, the employees were works of art within themselves. I loved it!

I ordered beef pho with a side of kimchi and my friend ordered buttered noodles. We tasted each other’s dishes and both of them were phenomenal. I have had the pleasure of traveling around the eastern hemisphere, so I have had pho from many different places. I could tell how much time they put into the broth. It was seasoned to perfection. I was also shocked at how good an American could make kimchi!

The buttered noodles had mustard greens in them with onions and capers and other ingredients that I can’t remember, but I do remember the taste. It was the bomb! My tastebuds was having a rave party in my mouth.

I will definitely visit the Noodle King again. It is on my permanent list of places to eat. I advise everyone to go check them out. You will not be disappointed!

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