Middle Eastern Story

Happy holidays everyone! With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I hope you guys are finding time to relax and enjoy each other and enjoy some me-time as well. I love to work all the overtime that is available around this time. There are some other co-workers that share the same holiday custom as I. We work, order food from our favorite restaurants, exchange gifts and share holiday cookies together. In the age that we live in, we have to recreate new holiday customs. I like this one.

One of our favorite restaurants to order from is called Bucharest. Its a middle eastern restaurant in Detroit, MI. I love their food. I’ve eaten almost everything on their menu. I enjoyed all of them. The only complaint I have is the garlic sauce they use on their shwarma sandwiches is way to salty for my taste but many of my co-workers love it.

Well, Bucharest stopped delivering to us unless the order is $250 or more. For whatever reason they came to this change, they pretty much just f#@&ed themselves. I’m sure they generated $1000s of dollars a day from my whole building. Now, they aren’t getting nothing. So, with this new found knowledge, we began looking for other middle eastern restaurants around the area. We came across a place called Sheeba Express, and decided to give them a try. I ordered the chicken tawook with grilled veggies and rice pilaf. One of my coworkers ordered a shawarma sandwich and another ordered a lamb plate with grilled veggies and yellow rice. We tried each others food. The chicken tawook was so flavorful and bursting with lemon and oregano. It was delightful! The shawarma was great as well. It wasn’t dry or to juicy. The lamb meat just melted in my mouth and it was seasoned so well. All the meats were seasoned so well and it was just the right amount of moist. The yellow rice was better than the rice pilaf I had. The rice pilaf was cooked well but their was no seasoning. I mixed it with the gravy from my tawook.

We all agreed that we would keep their menu and add them to our binder of restaurants. If it wasn’t for Bucharest changing their rule, we wouldn’t have looked elsewhere for middle eastern food. Thank you Bucharest.

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