What’s Happenin’ Cap’in?

I have been working in Detroit for 3 years now and I finally made the move to Detroit last month. Suburban girl is now a city girl! I’m excited!


It didn’t take me long to pay attention to the array of fast food restaurants around the area I moved in. One place that caught my eye that I never noticed, was Captain Jay’s Fish and Chicken. They had a drive-thru and I was hungry and busy, so…win-win for me!! I ordered a 2 piece, catfish combo that came with fries, a piece of bread and a coleslaw. I pulled over and opened the box. The smoke rose from the box when I opened it, it was hot and fresh. The pieces of fish was generous. The bread looked like a slice of regular wheat bread you get from the store. I’m pretty sure it was the $.99 wheat bread you can get at Wal-Mart. I ate a fry, and my taste buds went haywire! What was this magnificent seasoning I was tasting? I tried the fish, and it was the same! I couldn’t stop eating it. It was soooooo gooooood! I had to tell the world! But, first, I had to get more information about this place.


So, my co-workers informed me that I had my first experience with “crack” fish or chicken. It is a lemon pepper seasoning that they use on the food they cook and it was coined “crack” due to its addictive qualities. Captain Jay’s do not consider themselves a fast food place, but a one stop shop. They have some groceries and you can buy your meat raw. It is a ‘You Buy, We Fry’ place. For those of you who never heard of this, it is a shop that has a meat counter and you can buy the meat raw and cook at home or pay an extra fee and have them cook it there. It is a loophole for a “restaurant” to get EBT (food stamps) holders a way to use their food allowance in their establishment. This way, the EBT holder can buy the raw meat and then pay around $2 in cash for them to fry it. It is actually genius in a business sense.

Back to the food.

I’m sure I almost bit one of my fingers off while I was eating the fries. LOL!!! I revisited Captain Jay’s about 3 more times in that week, and I am not embarrassed to say it! I will say this…..all the times I’ve gone, I never received the coleslaw that came with the combos. One person told me that I wouldn’t want it anyway. 🙂

If you are ever in the Detroit, Grand Rapids or Indianapolis areas, you have to try the “crack” chicken or fish. You won’t be disappointed.

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